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Thinner [minor] by Iczer

'I'm on a new weight loss plan. The first step is kicking your ****!'

The character can alter his dimensions to appear thinner. The character remains the same height, but his width and girth are reduced by half, and his weight is reduced to 1/4. This provides the following benefits:

  • Physical damage inflicted is reduced by 1/2
  • Opponents are -4 to strike the character
  • Character receives +4 to dodge and +4 to roll
  • +10 Spd. +30% to balance on narrow surfaces
  • Double jumping distance (normal strength, but reduced weight) and halve damage from falls.

The character's narrow fists and striking points are more adept at cutting through armor and striking sensitive points. Criticals inflict normal damage (not reduced by 1/2) and the character's critical range increases by 1 (so at first level a natural 19-20 is a critical).