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Welcome to The Black Vault Wiki



This site was created by gamers as a resource for tabletop roleplaying games by Palladium Books, specifically Heroes Unlimited, though there are also materials here which can be used for other games. Most of the materials here are written for S.D.C. based games, not M.D.C. ones such as Rifts. On rare occasions there are conversion notes on how to use the materials in an M.D.C. based game, but for the most part that is not the case.
Materials here have been posted to the Forums of the Megaverse site first so that they have been edited and checked to make sure they meet forum guidelines. Likewise, anyone posting here should post materials there first or get permission from NMI or Stone Gargoyle before posting.


Erick Wujcik 1951 - 2008
You will be missed Erick

Conditions of Use


If you wish to support The Black Vault Wiki by submitting material, register an account here and then contact myself (NMI) or Stone Gargoyle.

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Storm Watch Forums

Please register on my forums here - The Storm Watch Forums before posting any articles onto this wiki. Failure could result in your articles being removed.

On my The Storm Watch Forums, there is a board "The Black Vault Wiki Q&A" specifically for discussion of this wiki site. Please use it.

Basic Rules

One major rule I have for now.. Only post material that either

  • a. You have created yourself or
  • b. Have gotten verifiable proof that the original author has given you permission to post his creations.

Violation of either will have your account blocked and all articles related to your account removed.


I am hosting this Wiki for all of you. For all of you to post your various creations for the World of Heroes Unlimited. For now, I would like to limit this wiki site to just Heroes Unlimited related articles. Thank you.

I would like to thank Stone Gargoyle for all of his help with maintaining and updating The Black Vault.

Additional thanks to Gadrin for his help in compiling all the listed powers into one download file.


Thanks to the other people who have posted material, especially Senator Cybus, and thanks to Iczer for allowing all of his powers to be posted here.


Editing Instructions

Some editing instructions can be found [On the Help Link]
If you have questions, contact NMI or Stone Gargoyle via the Forums of the Megaverse site.